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Founded in 2019 and reimagined in 2022, MyTeacher is a global App that empowers educators and facilitates accessible learning. Inspired by the need for personalized education, our platform connects parents and students with certified school teachers worldwide.

Distinctive for its worldwide accessibility, MyTeacher is a response to the challenges faced by students. As we look to the future, we envision MyTeacher becoming a leading global hub for tutoring, with a steadfast commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for students and providing a flexible, rewarding platform for educators.

Our Founder

Our founder and managing partner, Nada, who brings her experience and passion to MyTeacher App, first started her career as a civil engineer in international companies, in Beirut and Riyadh. 

She then decided to tap into her passion for teaching and after years of training program, her journey started as a mathematics teacher in the International French School of Riyadh (EFIR), then at the International French School of Beirut (GLFL) for a total of 6+ years of teaching. 

Between the challenges of education and parenting experiences, and after obtaining certificates of achievement in the Science of Learning course from Columbia University and in Leadership of Learning course from Harvard University, she envisioned a platform that could transform the private tutoring experience into a rewarding lifestyle for both sides of the educational community. 

Thus leading to the creation of her startup MyTeacher App, making it a unique tool that bridges the gap between school teachers and students worldwide.


Nada Adwan Yazbeck

Founder and Managing Parter

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